TETUÃ'S  TALE  - 2013 -  JULY

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Dec 13

The Royal Parks Charity Foundation launched their new collection of designer deckchairs in London. Personalities submitted their designs.
Ronnie Wood had painted a feisty Pegasus depicted by Tetuã, who was body painted to feature in the launch at Hyde Park on July 4th


Non-toxic water based paints were used on him. Children use them as do the educational anatomical people who paint the skeleton and muscles of the horse onto their coats so that you can see how the bones and muscles work. For Tetuã, however, this was a one-off. He seemed to rather enjoy the gentle brushing and stood patiently in his horse box until it was finished.

We walked across to where the deckchairs were laid out, Tetuã posed, the press photographers took their photos, someone said ‘thank you that was brilliant’ and that was that.


At the very beginning of the day in London, we enjoyed a ride round Rotten Row and a scamper along the long, straight stretch.
  It was a warm and serene day, all rather relaxing, I thought to myself as Tetuã grazed the old turf of Hyde Park. I imagined the cattle and sheep grazing there years ago.  



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