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A film to enthrall the visitor as well as those who live, work and play
in this enchanting ancient Parish.

(An Englishman's Parish)

 For those of you that enjoyed Patrick Kempe's earlier DVD's (Wartime Airfields of the New Forest, The Parish of Milton, and Lymington) you certainly should not miss this latest production which is now on sale.

 Whilst the title is Milford & Keyhaven, it also give a quick insight into neighbouring Downton, Hordle and Lymore, with an interesting in-depth look at the geography of the total area, its history, wildlife, workplaces and pastimes.

 It takes us on a trip around the district throughout the seasons of the year. You can experience the sound of the high winds cracking through the rigging of the sailing dingies, the sight of the floods at Keyhaven Triangle, and the rough seas crashing over the sea wall. All this and more, can be enjoyed from the safety and comfort of your own armchair.

 However, to enjoy the pleasures of the walk along the headland with the thrifty in all its splendour, and to be able to take in the fantastic views across to the Isle of Wight and The Needles, you must take to the great outdoors. You could also take the dog for a walk through the Pleasure Grounds alongside the Danestream, as the film makes it all so inviting.

 You could really sub-title this DVD 'The Village Diary in Pictures', as all the main events of the year, are brought to you, from the May Day on the Green featuring the local children dancing round the Maypole, the Arts & Music Festival with the choir singing in the marquee, the Annual Rowing Regatta, and the Bands and Floats of the August Carnival. Together with the British Legion's Remembrance Day Service at the War Memorial on the Triangle at Keyhaven and lastly, not forgetting the fun of the late night shopping of the Christmas festivities.

 All this and much more is brought to you in this 85 minute long feature of this enchanting ancient Parish of Milford. Who knows, ri you look hard enough you are sure to spy someone you know in these superb sequences. Maybe a friend, a family member or even yourself

 It is also possible that during the viewing of this film, you will find one or two aspects of Parish life, past or present, that you were unaware of before, or you are reminded of something you had forgotten. It is sure to give you the urge to seek out these things for yourself and get out and re­discover the Parish.

 Copies of the DVD are on sale for around £15 from the newsagent Village News in the High Street, Milford and St.Barbe Museum Gift Shop, New Street, Lymington.





£16.75 UK DVD 

Approx. 1 hour 25 mins.

Available online, from the producer, The Village News in Milford, St.Barbe Museum and
Waterstones, Lymington.

DVD review

'The Parish of Milford and
An Englishman's Parish'

FROM Milford's entry in the Domesday book to the present day, Patrick Kempe offers insights into the history and traditions of the village and Keyhaven in his fascinat­ing DVD.

'The Parish of Milford & Keyhaven - An Englishman's Parish' may inspire more people to visit, while residents can also pick up many tit-bits of information about how the place developed over the centuries.

Split into four bite-sized chunks, the 85-minute film has been lovingly compiled with spectacular shots of local scenery complemented by a gentle musical score.

Highlights include tales of the area's smuggling past, a trip on the Hurst Castle ferry, glimpses of the many native birds at Sturt Pond and an icy view of Keyhaven harbour.

Tales of Milford and Keyhaven in the past are accompanied by photo­graphs and pictures showing how much the area has changed.

Many of the much-loved traditional events are showcased, including a colourful procession from one of the annual Milford summer carnivals. j There is also a cheerful glimpse of Milford Primary School pupils danc­ing round the maypole during a blus­tery May Day on the village green.

Featuring an informative and sometimes humorous narration by Patrick himself, copies of the DVD are available from The Village News in Milford High Street or St Barbes Museum shop in New Street, Lymington at £15 each. They can also be bought online for £16.75, in­cluding postage, at www.patrick kempe.co.uk          C.T.M.