TETUÃ'S  TALE  - 2007 -  APRIL

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'April Showers'

Please can I come and share the shower with you?

..... just under the chin please.  

.... ooooh, that's so refreshing!


..... this is as good as any After Shave!

..... please can you do my bum too? ..... and now for the 
'mud pack'.
..... just put it on the bill.


Enjoying a Cross Country schooling session with Cindy Sims at Harroway Stables.

Fly TAP Air
Tetuã Airlines Portugal
Flying 4 Fun Tail Fin!





Mopley Riding Club  runs an annual 
Three Phase Team Challenge Competition


Phase 1: Showjumping
Phase 2: Agility, obstacles. It's a cross between Doma Vaquera and Trec Obstacles.
Phase 3: Barrel Racing

Our Open Team of four
'The New Forest Bog Trotters'
took 2nd. place:

Patrick Kempe ~ Tetuã
Sue Peters ~ Backley Diva
Sue Peters ~ Woodrow April Delight
Lewis Devereux ~ Regents Rounder.

Photo by Suzanne. Tetuã in Action.
No pictures were taken of the Barrel Racing as we went too fast 
and there was nothing taken of the Obstacles as we disappeared in the trees.



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