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Iberian Class.Ellingham & Ringwood Show 

Portuguese or English dress could be worn. I chose to go English as I wanted to use my English double bridle as opposed to the Portuguese curb.
He rides beautifully in this. 
Apart from digging at the dusty ground, which blew over the judges, he was a very good boy!

Iberian Parade

12 Spanish and Portuguese horses put on an exciting display. In full costume, they were put through their paces, forward going, lateral and an air or two above the ground.

Tetuã gave his best waving the Portuguese flag and working with the garrocha. The final 'wow 'was throwing a bunch of red roses to the Show Queen as she was driven round the ring in her car.

When you live in a city surrounded by buildings and concrete, the countryside can seem a strange and sometimes frightening place.

Here we entertained a lovely and appreciative
group of young people.

'Will we see you when we come again next year?'
they asked.
'I hope so', I said.

Explaining how these Iberian horses were the first horses that the Native American Indians would have met in the early 1500s.

We had fun galloping round the arena with the American / Indian flags as well as a variety of National flags.

Thank you to all who came, joined in and helped. 
What fun we all had. 
Hope to see you again next year?

Football really appealed and especially to the boys.

Tetuã, complete with his Manchester United scarf, 
is really getting to grips with the ball
and showing everyone how much fun
one can have with one's horse.

Real boy's stuff!


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