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Road work can be tedious during the Winter months. 
I took a camera with me and was surprised at how many different things of interest we saw in the space of 4 miles.
Our route took us though Norleywood and South Baddesley.

We met cows ....

Our road exercise took us over a section of Open Forest before going through fenced land.
We left the cows peacefully chewing their cud as they lay on their matress of old heather

.... donkeys

Donkeys can unsettle some horses.

We often find the donks at the bus stop in Norleywood

.... we crossed the ford

The Ford has been up to the 4' mark.

.... we spotted some pigs

Apart from donkeys, some horses have a dread at meeting pigs. 
No problem here though!

..... we looked at some 

traditionally crafted fencing

A good example of some traditional fencing on the Newtown Park Estate

 .... and  passed a fine country house

Newtown House, a fine country mansion

.... ponies grazing in their fields

Ponies waiting to be ridden after school there now being enough daylight hours.

..... we paused at the church

The charming Church of St.Mary the Virgin at South Baddesley

.... and said hello to the 
children coming out of school

Tetuã loves people and children. Here we are meeting the children as they come out of
South Baddesley School.

.... a contractor using a wood chipping machine

A loud whirring sound, wood chips flying but Tetuã takes it all in his stride.

..... the ponies grazing by 
the roadside on the open Forest

New Forest ponies gain much feed value from browsing the rich gorse tips

.... a new set of shoes required!

Thanks to Tim and Ed Maskell,

Tetuã is well shod and balanced on his shoes.
Hot shoeing is practiced and Ed has recently won several awards for his farriery.



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