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Clambering up one of the bridleways leading up onto the Blackdowns.
I imagine these woods would be ablaze with the colour of the Bluebells in Spring.
The Black Hooded Monk

I couldn't resist this shot!

It's only his winter rug pulled up over his ears.

What could be better than the
wind in your mane!
The mane of the Lusitano is longer than most.
The Motorway could be criss-crossed in several places along our rides.
One tunnel under and three bridges over opened up rides on the other same of the M5.
It was the first time I had stood on a motorway bridge and watched the traffic flow underneath.
Tetuã was as intrigued as I was and found it an interesting experience.
With much rain having fallen Somerset, riding was restricted to the lanes around Taunton.
At home on the New Forest, like many other areas, there had been much rain.
Here the ford at Norley Wood was running high.

A challenge to cars but not for Tetuã.

A wild, wet and wooly January saw us
down in Somerset.
Here we are up on top of the Blackdown Hills over-looking Taunton.
The mud lay thick in the fields stirred up by the cattle.
Top of Withypool Hill on Exmoor
looking towards Dunkery Beacon.
My favourite viewpoint - between Tetuã's ears! It's good to take the time to work Tetuã in hand. So much can be done from the ground.

Proudly wearing a German Voltige (vaulting) Roller and his simple rope-bridle

It's good to take the time to work Tetuã in hand.So much can be done from the ground.

Here Tetuã is stepping sideways, calmy, with thought and in time with me.

Invisible thread replaces the lungerein.

Many horses find it difficult to maintain regular space between themselves and the person longeing.

Tetuã has no problem and keeps a good rhythmical stride and position.

My sister's Border Terrier' Roc Chic' finds our work fascinating and watches every move!

I think she's making sure I do it all properly!

It's good to take the time to work Tetuã in hand.So much can be done from the ground.

With loose long-reins, Tetuã goes perfectly backwards by just a light pressure on the tail, which was followed by a rewarding tail rub.



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