TETUÃ'S  TALE  - 2008 -  JULY

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captures a 
Lusitano in Action.
His name - Tetuã

Thank you Olivia for taking these superb action photos.
thank you to 
Frederico Saramago

for your tuition and to all at the 
Al Kingston Stud for
your hospitality.

Turbo power, air brakes, power steering,
coupled with four-wheel drive gives one 
the best 4 x 4 there is!

Tetuã is wearing his traditional Portuguese tack 
and Patrick is wearing the old and traditional Campino costume. 
The campinos are the stockman and grooms in Portugal

Dancing for Joy ... 
at least that's what it feels like to have 
those perfect canter strides underneath you. 


Such power of movement in canter that it's difficult 
to get us both relaxed through the movement.
This a 75cm aerobic ball, which we have endless fun with. 
Timing and accuracy is the essence of success especially at canter.
'God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses.'
R.B. Cunninghame-Graham in a letter to President Theodore Roosevelt
On our way to score the 'Goal of the Season!' 

A Portuguese Horse at The Portuguese Fireplace
near Lyndhurst, New Forest, UK

Drive along the from Lyndhurst towards Bolderwood 
and you will see the strange sight of a fireplace 
sitting all on its own in the woodlands to your left.

Working on our paces.

"This is the site of a hutted camp occupied by a Portuguese army unit during the First World War. This unit assisted the depleted local labour force in producing timber for the war effort."

"The Forestry Commission have retained this fireplace from the cookhouse as a memorial to the men who lived and worked here and acknowledge the financial assistance of the Portuguese Government in its renovation."

Receiving tuition from Frederico Saramago from Portugal.
Working with Tetuä fills me with enthusiasm, 
even my Barrete Verde seems to be excited!
Age old wisdom lies hidden 
behind these knowlegeable eyes
Working together is poetry, 
if I were a poet I would write a poem 
but I'm not
so I'll have to leave that to someone else.
Just relaxing waiting for the wind to blow.


You've got to have a laugh here!

Being pinned into one's clothes can be 
a potentially hazardous business!!

The wind ripples through Tetuã's mane as well 
as making the Portuguese flag fly out over him
Working on shoulder-in.
Tuition by Frederico Saramago.

Receiving a little light hearted tuition 
from Frederico Saramago from Portugal.

Having my leg pulled.

'Freddie, how do these top dressage riders 
get their legs so good and long?' I ask. 
Freddie shows me how!!


Rythmic Canter

One could canter all day at his canter. 
So much power, yet so effortless and so comfortable.

Now the day is over
and the work is done,
there's nothing nicer 
than having a good roll in the sand!
Working on the basic paces under the tuition of Frederico Saramago. Working on the basic paces under the tuition of Frederico Saramago.
Flying both the Portuguese and Spanish flags 
so representing the two Iberian countries 
from where these Lusitano and Andalusian horses originate.
The flags fly well held horizontally, vertically 
and here we are cart-wheeling them at speed.
'King of the Castle'. 
Tetuã's self-taught party-piece!

Tetuã stands some 21 hands high when he's up on his barrel. 
The challenge is to vault up there - and we make it. 
I am allowed to put a foot on the edge of the barrel!

My Equine Slide

Having climbed up on top of Tetuã's back, it's then fun to slide off over his tail
- just like we used to do in Pony Club. 

Two Best Buddies


Where in this world can man find nobility without pride, 
friendship without envy, beauty without vanity? 
Here, where grace is laced with muscle, 
and strength by gentleness confined. 
He serves without servility; 
he has fought without enmity. 
There is nothing so powerful, nothing less violent; 
there is nothing so quick, nothing more patient. 
England's past has been borne on his back. 
All our history is his industry; 
we are his heirs, he is our inheritance. 
Ladies and Gentlemen: The HORSE!

Robert Duncan's "Tribute to the Horse" Read at the conclusion of every Horse of the Year show in London



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