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The Battle of Wriggly Snake, Boldre 2016

A Native American Indian Story. 
Photos: Suzanne Kempe and James Puttick. 
Jas Metcalf as Little Miss Chief,
Tetuã as himself
and myself as Big Chief Lou-zee-Schott.
Make up by Sian Taylor


Big Chief Lou-zee-Schott, my Medicine Horse Tetuã and Little Miss Chief.

The Story begins ...
... a dangerous Wriggly Snake has been found, which Little Miss Chief has been playing with. Tetuã canters in to deal with the dilemma Oh no, Little Miss Chief is playing with the dangerous Wriggly Snake.
... put it down now ... very quickly! Tetuã is horrified that she is playing with this dangerous creature. The snake must be 'despatched', so Big Chief Lou-zee-Schott goes in to serious training,
Lou-zee-Schott is now ready to launch the attack
Lou-zee-Schott launches the spear but as usual his aim was not good and he missed the creature. Wriggly Snake is dead .... oh no he isn't! Little Miss Chief just will not listen and carries on playing with her new friend. Very dangerous!
Having failed with his spear, Lou-zee-Schott stands high up on a rock at a safe distance to fire his arrow, 'This is the tricky bit, please close eyes in case of mistake!' Wriggly Snake must die. Tetuã looks the other way for a moment. Something happened? Neither of us are sure what's going on ...
Here the story went badly wrong. Lou-zee-Schott was supposed to miss the Wriggly Snake but hit it right between the eyes instead. Fortunately First Aid was one hand offered by the Boldre First Responder Team. ....Wiggly Snake is now OK again and Little Miss Chief continues her antics dancing, prancing and playing with Wriggly Snake. Oh well, It hasn't eaten her yet!! Having failed with spear and bow, now Lou-zee-Schott must try with his gun. 'Please everyone close your ears if you do not like pop-pop.' But again Lou-zee-Schott misses. He really is a lousy shot.
It is now up to my horse to save us all. Tetuã bounces up to Wriggly Snake and kills the snake by sheer shock. Not a blow was laid on his body.

A very sad Little Miss Chief
picks up the dead snake.

Bring Wriggly Snake to me so that we can do the honourable thing ....
We now present the Spirit of Wriggly Snake to the Four Winds, the North, the South, the East and the West. .... but hold on a moment.... it is not right to kill animals. We should learn to live with them. ... and Little Miss Chief rightly wants to save the Wriggly Snake and pleads with Big Chief Lou-zee-Schott. Tetuã listens intently.
.... in tears Little Miss Chief buries her face in Tetuã's mane, With full concentration, my Medicine-Horse Tetuã gives the Wriggly Snake the Kiss of Life. Wriggly Snake wriggles agaIn and everybody is happy once again ... may there be Peace for evermore.
Little Miss Chief is herself once more singing and laughing, prancing and dancing. With a sturdy, faithful horse, we fly the flags of North America in very gusty wind. ... "HOOOOW!"


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