TETUÃ'S  TALE  - 2009 -  JUNE

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This is the story of a Native American Indian boy and his horse. They lived close to each other, trained together using bow, arrow, and spear.  
They played together and explored the neighbouring foothills,
where often danger lurked in the form of grizzerly bears and wriggerley reptiles. 
So now let us join Big Chief Low Zee Schott, his medicine horse Tetuã and assisted by his most favourite squaw Little Miss Chief
as they re-enact the “Battle of Wriggly Snake”

A Wriggerley Snake has been seen nearby. 

... playing with danger

... looks would kill.

Big Chief Lou-zee-Schott arrives
on scene ...

... to find Little Miss Chief playing with

dangerous Wriggly Snake

This snake is very dangerous

and must surely die!!


... but first practice is required

... bouncing this way and that before the spear can be launched.

The spear is thrown.
Lou-zee-Schott misses!

With spear in hand, a few moment's training is necessary. We're nearly ready for the attack

Lou-zee-Schott takes aim at the Wriggerley Snake with his Spear

and misses. 
With much whooping and holloaring in desperation, he tries again but oh dear, 
he just can't hit the snake.

He tries with bow and arrow ...

... all in vain

.... he really is a lousy shot!

After serious thinking - Forward thinking, backward thinking and lateral thinking, he remembers that he may be able to kill Wriggerley Snake with his

Bow & Arrow

But all in vain as Lou-zee-Schott misses once again.

He really is a lousy shot!

Inspired by another idea ...

He even misses with the gun. 
Oh dear!

It is now up to my medicine horse to save us all. He bounces up to the snake, which is killed by sheer shock at the feet of his brave horse.

Offerring the snake to the Four Winds

However, it must appreciated that this snake is still alive and very venomous. 
Lou-zee-Schott fires many rounds from his Smoking Gun assuming 
that he has shot the Wriggerley Snake. 
But oh dear me no, he has missed again!

So, finally, it is up to his medicine horse Tetuã to save us all from this venomous snake and so he does by killing the snake by sheer shock as he bounces up to the snake causing it's tail to quiver

for the last and final time.

Triumphant the Spirit of the Wriggerley Snake is presented to the Four Winds
 as Tetuã turns to face the four points of the compass. 
The Snake is alive NO MORE!!
With very grateful thanks to Olivia for taking the photos
An 8 minute film not suitable for
snake lovers!

The Battle of Wriggly Snake (kindly filmed by subscriber)

Given more time to rehearse, it would be lovely to produce this as Freestyle to Music.
All the movements can be built in. Sadly Tetuã was off lame before the Breed Show 
and we weren't able to work on it as fully as I would have liked.



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