TETUÃ'S  TALE  - 2006 -  MARCH

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Learning about flags, 
carrying the flags and working together 
in a carousel

Having a discussion during a break.
I sit down, Tetuã stands up!


Great fun playing football
- one of Tetuã's favourites.

Could someone please present the F.A. Cup!!

Six Groups of students and Six Inter-active Projects

Group 1.  Rehearsal. Watching Tetuã as he gets used to his new surroundings in the indoor school / being ridden-in. Students helped put the flags and balls etc in place.

   Group 2. Preparation. Tetuã was groomed and plaited (Portuguese plait).   Students watched, chatted, asked questions and me also asking them questions. 
They helped with the grooming, brushing out tail and making him smart for the day.

   Introduction.  Start at the very beginning – Introducing Tetuã, (6 year old Lusitano) from  Portugal   (location) and Portuguese flag, costume and tack. Explanation of what we are going to do. Student / PK / Tetuã inter-reaction.  Tetuã’s tack is traditional Portuguese with ornamented saddle and bridle. The pelt (fur) sitting behind the saddle is in fact designed to keep the horse’s loins from getting chilled after they have finished work in the fields. It is not necessarily there for your friend to sit on!   The clothing I wore is traditional Campino gear. The campinos are the stud grooms and farm workers. This is their smart Sunday Best outfit and is widely used throughout  Portugal   . 
They also wear a very funny green and red hat just like Santa Claus’ elves!! 
Very good for wiping the sweat off one’s brow!

Group 3. Parade of Flags – Holding flag up high / being proud and working together to form a carousel.

    Group 4.  Ball   Park   . Students worked with the soft balls, catching, passing and throwing.

    Group 5. Large football – Students passed the giant football carefully to each other, bounced and threw before Tetuã had his turn to kick the ball at speed up and down the school.

Group 6. Garrocha.  Co-ordination, special awareness required. Students shown how 
to dance on their feet with the garrocha, then Tetuã gave his display.


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