TETUÃ'S  TALE  - 2008 -  MAY

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Royal Windsor Horse Show
The Parade Class enthralls the spectators Tetuã proudly flies his Portuguese Flag for
the prize-winners' lap of honour
Full Portuguese tack and costume show these Lusitano horses off 
to their best advantage as they make full use of the arena.
Special permission had been given by the judge to fly the flag, 
so please don't try this in your show class!

At last our stride is begining to lengthen.
 Photo: Pleasure Prints
Hats off to the crowd!
Photo: Pleasure Prints
Now we're flying!.
 Photo: Pleasure Prints
Chilling out at Royal Windsor Horse Show
There's nothing like kicking a football around
when you get the chance.
Delighted with a 5th prize in
the Lusitano Parade Class at
the Royal Windsor Horse Show



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