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On the Road to Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Tunnel Run

River Thames


After that we were giving other horses a lead across it that were having nervous moments. 

The next point of interest is the tunnel that goes underneath the road beside the River Thames. There's a one-way traffic system through it.

Here we are in the Castle Grounds, normally out of bounds to the public. 
The view is serene down
beside the River Thames. 
We are standing underneath the weeping willows as we watch the river boats glide slowly past.
Beautiful carriages pass us by from one of the many International teams. 
Last year Felix Brasseur won the overall championship with a team of Lusitanos.

Royal Windsor Horse Show is an experience for horse and rider. 
The first obstacle apart from parking is to ride your horse over the rattling metal trackway to a working in area. 
Tetuã seems to revel in going on this and we walked up a long length

only to be asked if we could get off it onto the grass as the noise was frightening her horse. 
Ooops, sorry! 

A Golden Opportunity

The Mud-run to Windsor

Larking about in the mud!

A Golden Opportunity to admire these lovely grounds 
and from on top of a Lusitano too!

What a contrast from the clean, green surroundings beside the Tames as we head towards the Castle in the distance

and the show itself.

It had rained buckets, the collecting ring resembled oxtail soup. 
Tetuã is used to variable conditions and we enjoyed popping over the practice fences. 
Little did I realise at the time just how mud covered we had become. 
It took buckets of water to wash tack,

horse and self off. 
Thank you Vicky for sending me this memourable photo.

Relaxing into canter

Striding out in trot

Pas de Trois

The mud washed off and two hours later, we are in pristine condition 
for the Lusitano Parade Class
Showing off our paces trying to keep body and soul relaxed. Showing off our paces trying to keep body and soul relaxed.

The Portuguese Flag.

An afternoon for the
Lymington Art Group.

An afternoon for the
Lymington Art Group.

Tetuã's speciaility is carrying the
Portuguese Flag. 
We were hoping to bring the 14 foot pole with four flags mounted with which we cartwheel at canter but the wind was just so strong 
and the pole would have been
pulled out of my hands. 
We were 4th in the Parade Class, so chuffed to bits!
We began the afternoon by giving the Group a ridden demo in the Campino costume to give them an idea as to what it was all about. Then we interspersed the afternoon with various poses with me, without me, standing on his barrel and anything else we could think of. 
Tetuã seemed to enjoy the day as much as they did.
Tetuã stood for hours posing for the group. 
It was a windy afternoon but at least it stayed dry for them.



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