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Autumn Show
Crofton Manor, Hampshire.

A Lusitano at Play

You may remember the European Football Championships 2006 and those little flags the cars had stuck in their windows. Guess what – Patrick and Tetuã went one better. 
We flew the large English flag along the track beside the road over the Forest
We had many appreciative toots and waves from passers by.

One up on their tiddly, plastic, flappy flags,        I thought!!

.... European Cup Footballall went OK until  England had to play  Portugal   . Now what flag does an English rider with a Portuguese horse fly? Err… both flags and this is how it worked. One flag on one end of the pole and one on the other and we cartwheel the flags around the arena. Tetuã proudly carries his national flag of Portugal   . This country, with Spain   , forms part of the Iberian Peninsula  from where these Lusitano horses originate.
Tetuã, likes most young lads, loves to play football too. The Garrocha is a 14 foot pole used by Spanish horsemen for herding their cattle as well as performing a ‘dance’ routine. ... they pick the idea up really quickly..
Tetuã is working in the basic early stages of playing with the Garrocha. It isn’t easy to use one-handed and is very good to teach hand / eye / brain co-ordination.



Going 'split arse' here as we say in England.

The Garrocha charge opens up the opportunity for a good gallop.

Look out those people standing at the end!!


Tetuã taught himself to stand on the barrel. He thinks he's very superior up there and it is sometimes quite difficult to get him down off there.

A Barrel of Laughs.

Tetuã has the upper hand!

Good-bye Everyone!




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