TETUÃ'S  TALE  -  2004  -  OCTOBER

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Concentrating hard.

A first attempt at kicking the ball.


Carefully does it!

... there, that was quite easy!

This large blue ball is normally 
used for human aerobics.
A careful introduction 
and before long.....
your horse will learn how to roll it and enjoy playing

You throw, I catch!

Football - Netball - Polo

Using a soft sponge ball for throwing, 
you can't hurt anything and the horses love it.

Polo teaches them to be handy, responsive and accustoms them to things moving round their feet.

Match Point!

Looking like a pro!

Now getting confident with 
these ball games.

Moving on nicely.

Tricky bit this

On our first day...

Happy hitting forwards, backwards
and ................

Sooner or later you are going to meet 

children playing football, so it's really worth 

your horse getting used to the ball first.


..... and sideways.

..... and after all that play, there's nothing 

like enjoying time out in the field

 with a friend.



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