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Crystal and her young Andalusian, Prado

Susan with Amelia on Ibis
Fiesta Time is Family Time!

Mum sorts out Jade's hair.
She plays 'Little Miss Chief' in the
Battle of Wriggly Snake.






Ben with Susan's Andalusian mare, Ibis

Amelia in Spanish costume



Right out of a postcard from Spain!

Well it could have been.
Amelia in her beautiful Spanish dress sits up behind Susan in true Fiesta style, whilst her brother Ben stands proudly in his
traditional Spanish outfit.






I think we got everyone cheering and clapping!

Bill who runs Gourmet Foods, produced a spread of typical Portuguese and Spanish delights for our guests. Locally known as 'Bill the Fish' he will provide you with freshly frozen produce brought straight to your door.

Although we were all dressed in Spanish and Portuguese costume, we are all British.
So we thought we also ought to have the Union Flag there as well.

Just warming up outside, getting the old wrist going to turn the flags in the cartwheel.

Spanish Elegance!

Manuela with Susan's Marea

Cartwheeling the Spanish and Portuguese flags at canter was a very tricky affair with only one foot between the top of the pole and the lights. Accuracy was all important!




Half the fun of the Evening was inter-reacting

with our guests.
Informing, educating and entertaining.

Although we were all dressed in Spanish and Portuguese costume, we are all British.
So we thought we also ought to have the Union Flag
there as well.

Standing like a sentry horse on duty,

Tetuã awaits for the evening to begin



Following introductions, the main part of the evening began with the Pas de Deux ridden to Spanish music performed by Susan's two Spanish horses Marea and Ibis, 
ridden by Manuela and Susan.

Waiting in the Wings. Tetuã feels at home with his flags.


Tetuã, kind and gentle, loves nothing better than talking to everyone

Horses and riders concentrating hard to keep their positions as they power across the arena to the music of Bamboleo by The Gypsy Kings.

Prado, Ibis, Marea and Tetuã in action in the Iberian Quadrille






Most horses can be safely introduced to the garrocha with simple exercises being taught at walk. Here you see Tetuã circling the pole at canter.

The 14 foot long Garrocha is used for herding cattle.  Spanish cattle are too fiersome to round up with shepherding dogs. 
They have more respect for a horse and the Garrocha. With training, an intricate ballet can also be performed using the pole.






Spiralling under the garrocha takes a little more practice but again can be taught at walk to start with. Tetuã has got the hang of it 
but a more balanced pirouette would be better.
Peter Madison-Greenwell is our British artist with the Garrocha and well worth watching if you get the chance.

Tetuã really loves a game of football 
and here you can see us kicking it out of the corner at speed.


All photos taken by 
Barry Whitcher 

| Photos by Barry Whitcher

Football Fun.
Tetuã delights in this game.

Galloping after the ball,

Tetuã is on the way to score a goal.


A story to be told about how a venemous wriggly snake was found in the village, which had to be ...err... killed because the children were playing with it. Very dangerous.

Little Miss Chief climbs up to tell me she has been playing with a snake 
that has wriggled into the tribal camp.
A venemous snake inside the tipi is not a good idea.

Big Chief Lou-zee-Schott reads to Tetuã, his Medicine Horse and Little Miss Chief all about how one day a Wriggly Snake did come into the camp.

They read how Big Chief Lou-zee-Schott tried hard to kill the snake by using bow, arrow and spear as well as his 'smoking gun'. 
He missed every time. He was indeed a lousy shot!

First, Lou-zee-Schott and Tetuã must do much practicing. 
Have you ever heard of an Indian doing dressage? 
Yes, even they have to do 10 metre circles and lateral movements!

At last they are ready and yelling 'Stand Back', 
they hurl the spear at the bemused reptile. 
Lou-zee-Schott thinks he has killed it but 'Oh no he hasn't!!'

After much serious thinking on how to kill the poor snake. Little Miss Chief covers her eyes in fear and Medicine Horse looks anxiously on as Lou-zee-Schott fires the arrow. He thinks he has hit Wriggly Snake between the eyes  -  but 'Oh no he hasn't!!' 
What a lousy shot!

Next Lou-zee Schott tries to kill Wriggly Snake with his smoking gun. 
Little Miss Chief hides in the corner covering her ears 
as shots rain down around Wriggly Snake.
Lou-zee-Shot must have hit it this time - but 'Oh no he hasn't!!'  
Such a lousy shot!

Big Chief Lou-zee-Shot has used up all his weapons and Wriggly snake is still on the wriggle. It is now up to his Medicine Horse to save us all from these venomous fangs. So with head-dress feathers flying, Medicine Horse gallops up and prances at the Wriggly Snake killing it by sheer shock as not a blow was laid to his head.

Little Miss Chief, now very sad at the death

of this valiant creature, hands the limp

and lifeless body to Lou-zee-Schott.

Crying, Little Miss Chief tearfully prepares for the Spirit of Wriggly Snake to be ceremoniously offered to The Four Winds. 
This takes care of the souls of all creatures both large and small.

Medicine Horse climbs onto his High Seat as Big Chief Lou-zee-Schott holds the snake aloft offering its Spirit to be released to the Four Winds. But wait a moment. Little Miss Chief climbs up to plead with Lou-zee-Schott to bring Wriggly Snake back to life and make it a harmless and friendly Wriggly Snake.
Lo and behold, the wriggles increase, and he raises his head. It is alive!!

Alive and friendly, Wriggly Snake is given to Little Miss Chief to take care of 
and she wraps him around her shoulders to live happy ever after!

and so the wriggly snake was mysteriously brought back to life and from a dangerous snake, it came back as a rather nice snake

........... and we all lived happily ever after!!


... and that's the End of the Tale!

and at the end of the day the evening raised £520 to be given to 
The Macmillan Cancer Trust, Christchurch.
Neal Williams, the Trust Secretary, is seen on the right hand side of the picture.



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