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First attempts with the Portuguese Vara or Spanish Garrocha

A Vara (or in Spanish a Garrocha)  is a 14 foot pole carried on the horse and used to herd or goad cattle. especially in Spain and Portugal, 

Here, Tetuã is learning the first basics - to merely carry and circle the vara at walk - and for me to learn how to manage it! 
All great fun and very good for us both!














On the Open Plains of the New Forest

This ornate and traditional Portuguese bridle came from Golegã when we visited the Lusitano Equestrian Fair in November.

It's fun and intriguing!

Learning to circle the Vara, or Garrocha, keeping my eye fixed on the point, not dropping the reins. Tetuã follows my weight but here I think I have leant a little to much to the inside.

This is quite challenging for both of us

Posing with G'ma Kempe and sister Ros

I made this 14 foot Vara, or Garrocha, from a piece of 38 millimetre square timber. Planing and sanding has rounded it down to a comfortable size and most important to ensure that there are no splinters! Ouch! 
It must be light enough to manage but strong enough to withstand the pressure.

Christmas Party Time

Lusitano horses can never resist a party.
Here Tetuã joins in the festive spirit at Christmas.



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